Meet Megan



I’m Megan, foodie, wine lover, coffee addict, lover of the outdoors, recent homeowner, chaser of light, world traveler, and the eye behind In A Glimpse Photography.  

I’m spunky, kind of loud, overly chatty and excited by the little things. I am a total foodie to the core, like basically if I'm not eating food I am thinking about it or talking about it, it's kind of a problem. At the risk of sounding cheesy I am the happiest enjoying the Florida sun with my feet in the sand and fruity drink in my hand. I believe in big hugs, gifts for no reason, and that getting up early to watch the sunrise is always worth it.

Wondering what I shoot? Well, just about everything. I know your suppose to pick but I love it all! I get giddy over the new love of a recently engaged couple, cry as I capture wedding vows, get excited for expectant moms, beyond joyous with a squishy newborn and laugh my butt off with families. If it’s happening I want to capture it for you to cherish for a lifetime.

In A Glimpse Photography divides time between Central and South Florida and offers sessions from The Florida Keys to Ocala and everywhere in between.

Oh, and the secret is out, I LOVE to travel, like pretty much anywhere so if you've got a really cool family vacation planned, Caribbean cruise wedding or a mountain top elopement I want to come along! 


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