Lights Festival Love | Dade City Engagement Photographer

I had a friend post some photos from this amazing lantern festival in California that looked beautiful. She told me that it’s a traveling thing and they were coming to Florida. Needless to say I bought tickets right away. I ended up going to the event alone but had my camera in tow so I knew I’d get some great photos. I laid out my blanket, set up my tripod ( I had planned to take some self portraits) and just enjoyed the really nice weather. Not long after I got there this adorable couple sat down in front of me. I watched them for a little bit (border lined stalked) and then shamelessly asked them if I could take some photos of them. Yes, I am that person. They were of course totally ok with it and I promised to keep my distance so they could still enjoy their date night. The results… well…one of my favorite sessions. While I did ask them to pose for one “look at the camera and smile photo” and one silhouette of course, the rest of these are completely candid. They were so adorable together and it was so much fun to capture a couple just being themselves enjoying a night out. These are the kind of moments photographers live for.

If they weren’t enough the festival was unbelievable! These were all taken at The Light’s Fest, this incredible traveling event. If you ever have the opportunity to attend one in your city I highly recommend it! It was a fun filled picnic’esque afternoon followed but a very moving evening. Thousands of lanterns are lit and released at one time and it is a beautiful site to see! Most people use the lanterns to either remember someone who they have lost or to put prayers or positive intentions into the world. I personally had intentions for that night which drastically changed as the Parkland school shooting happened just a few days before, so my lantern went up for Prayers for Parkland. This super sweet couple was nice enough to man my camera when I lit my lantern, you can see that video at the bottom of this post.