Friday Morning | Boating Day In The Life Session

I am a big believer that the everyday moments deserve to be captured just as much as the big important life moments which is why I love day in the life sessions so much. They are fully documentary sessions, no posing or matching outfits allowed and capture your day just as it unfolds. Typically these are reserved for families or businesses but last week I decided to give this a try with something a little different and I freaking LOVE it! This is my brother and his best friend on a typical Friday morning taking the boat out for a few hours to hopefully get a bite. It was flat calm as we headed out that morning and absolutely beautiful out! We then of course ran into some buddies of his who were slaying it and I was there to capture it all. This is what their Friday morning looks like. I’m little bit jealous , I dont’ know about you. Aside from super calm waters, and a box full of bonitas, we got to see a shark which was awesome and tons of freaking sea turtles (one lucky one got a cute profile photo)

I want to say a big shout out to these guys for being super environmentally conscience while we were out fishing. Not only did they make sure that none of their trash ended up in the ocean but we stopped multiple times to pick up some balloons and other trash out there floating around.

Have a boat? Doing something cool with a buddy? Taking a day trip somewhere? Have something you do every Tuesday just because? I want to hear about it and capture it.

Get in touch! We’re making this a thing!