Classic Family Portraits

In A Glimpse photography offers classic family portrait sessions. These sessions are great chance to update your family photos and make sure grandma gets the portrait for the mantel she craves. Family portrait sessions are an hour long and take place at the outdoor location of your choice. Upon booking your session I will guide you through choosing the right outfits for your family and location. Your session will include posed photos of your entire family as well as some of just your kiddos and of course a few of just mom and dad too because who doesn't want a little bit of everything.

After the session you will receive an online proof gallery of your images. The session fee includes 20 digital retouched images with the option to purchase additional images.

Once you have received your final retouched images, I'm here to help you order prints of your images as well as help you design wall art to display your images in your home.

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Time has a funny way of creeping up on us. That’s part of the reason why we take photos, to remember those moments, those events, that we know we won’t remember forever. Why is it that we only take photos of the BIG stuff? Weddings, babies, birthday parties…major life events. Why do we rarely, if ever photograph the every day moments? At the end of our life time all those every day moments are just as life changing and beautiful as the really big ones but they are so rarely photographed.

Day In The Life

As a photographer I love capturing families and children, especially as they grow. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some clients start with me capturing their wedding, all the way up to two babies and years later which is a pretty amazing thing! But I can say that behind every posed family photo session I’ve captured, most, if not all did not go as smoothly and as enjoyably as one might think from the photos. There is usually a lot of bribery and of course meltdowns and lets not forget that’s not including the stress that mom and dad feel to pick out matching outfits, pray the weather is nice and hope their kids cooperate. Now, don’t get me wrong, I am sucker for a really great family portrait and I do believe it’s something you should do on a regular basis BUT I also think there is something incredible about capturing every days as it happens, un-posed, unscripted, just life as it is and that's what Day In The Life Sessions are all about.

Life with kids is messy and usually loud and pretty chaotic but that life is yours. The way your little one’s feet sit in high chair, the way your child lines up their toys, the way your kids interact with each other, the face they make right after you yell at them, the joy on their faces as they play in the backyard…..those moments are beautiful and as any parent would tell you they are fleeting. So why not capture them? And more importantly, you should be in those moments as well.

So what exactly is a Day In The Life Session? Basically, it's just me hanging out with your family as the day unfolds. Think kids making pancakes for breakfast, splashing around in the pool (yes, I offer underwater shots too), the meltdown over nap time, the family trip to Target, snuggles on the couch, bath tub giggles and everything in between.

Day In The Life Sessions can range anywhere from 2 hours to a full day and include all of the images.

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