What do we wear?

Surprisingly probably one of the biggest questions I get asked after people book their session.

Here are some tips to help you choose the best wardrobe for your photo session.

Stick to what your family would normally wear. If your kiddo hates jeans don’t force it, if your little girl loves to wear a dress let her rock it, if your hubby isn’t a collard shirt guy no big deal, most important is that everyone is comfortable and feels like themselves.

Pick a general color scheme and work from that point. Blue and white tends to work well as most people have something in their closets that is some shade of blue or white. Black, white and grey is another go to option that doesn’t usually require stressing about finding something that matches. Any color scheme works well though so don’t be afraid to embrace some color.

You can always go full matchy matchy if that’s your thing or a little more out of the box.

Some general rules:

  • It’s best to avoid neon colors.

  • If we are capturing your session in a park and there is a lot of green it’s best to avoid also wearing greens.

  • Keep patterns to a minimum, one or two family members only.

  • Don’t be afraid to add some color!

  • Avoid character shirts or clothing with large logos.

  • Don’t match, coordinate!

  • Don’t forget about your shoes. (Unless we are doing a beach session which will most likely be barefoot)

  • Shop at the same store. This can make it easier to find things that match…think Old Navy where they will have something for every member of the family in the same color palette.

And lastly feel free to reach out with some options and I’m happy to help guide you and your family for the perfect look!